I turned 50 this year. I know. So old. Can’t believe it.

  1. Resist the path most trodden. Be a contrarian.
  2. Don’t bullshit yourself. Ideally, don’t bullshit other people either, but more importantly, be honest with yourself.
  3. Foods that have a shelf life more than 5 days have something in it…

There was an epidemic in the western world way before Covid came along. It was an epidemic of inactivity!

Doctors have been calling it the sitting disease, but it’s not a disease in itself — you can’t catch sitting disease, but all the chronic conditions that are killing us are linked to sitting.

Sedentary lifestyles increase all causes of mortality. If you sit still for more than 9 hours…

  1. Trump won’t accept the election result. He’s too demented to do that. Millions of people will never trust the electoral process again.
  2. More people will give up on meat because Covid is actually an animal welfare problem
  3. There will be an international day of remembrance for covid
  4. Work from home…

Human beings are idea machines. All of us have ideas all the time. Most of us don’t notice because we kill those ideas as soon as we have them.

We’re all guilty of this. A few years ago I started writing down and sharing my ideas on my blog. I…

Salt is salt, right? It’s possibly the oldest commodity on earth and surely, it’s one of the most abundant minerals. Can we really differentiate such a simple product?

In a previous post I suggested that far from ‘needing’ a brand spanking new idea for a ‘thing’ or service, you actually…

I’ve heard this so many times, “I’d love to start a business, but I can never think of the idea of what I would do”.

You may have thought exactly that?

It IS a myth that you need something new. It’s born (quite understandably) of an anxiety that, “well, if…

Mike Allen

Innovator, avid learner, mentor, coach and entrepreneur

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